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BAT Config.sys layout. Below is an example of how the config.sys may look. DEVICE=C:\Windows\HIMEM.SYS DOS=HIGH,UMB DEVICE=C:\Windows\EMM386.EXE NOEMS:DR DOS 5.0 and higher only) Defines labels in CONFIG.SYS as jump targets for CHAIN, DRSWITCH, GOTO, GOSUB and SWITCH directives. ; (DOS 6.0 and DR DOS 6.0 and higher) Some versions of Multiuser DOS use a filename of CCONFIG ok i am realy starting to fell dum now. i wen back and checked my config.sys and the reason it did not work is that i had missed spelled DEVICEHIGH i had spelled it .CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT Files: The purpose of this section is to give a general guideline for dealing with your original CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files1 and Novell DOS 7 and higher will instead display a prompt to enter the path and filename of a command processor Format a floppy diskette with the command: FORMAT A: /U /S Save copies of the original CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files in a separate directory AND on the floppy .General Information. In order for the computer to see and use the CD-ROM drive while in DOS, several entries must be made to the autoexec.bat and config.sys files. Type in the command "dir a:" to verify that your computer can read the floppy DOS USB Drivers. There are several ways folks are getting their USB CDroms, Hard Drives, and other drives to work in DOS. One is using what's known as DUSE driver system.Boot-up your computer and allow DOS to load, but do not start up Windows. Insert the floppy disk containing your CD-ROM drivers. Type in the command "dir a:" to .sys c:" where "filename" is the name of your Disk + USB Drivers + Tools. XStore Pro Windows 9x/ME standard (E)IDE Hard Disk (Ultra)DMA + (E)IDE/ATAPI CD/DVD Accelerator Drivers + Tools v1.20 for most PCI .[ The PC Guide | Procedure Guide | Setup and Inspection Procedures] CD-ROM Driver Installation Procedure. This procedure provides instructions for installing the CD . Press "Alt" and select "Exit" to exit to return to the C:\ prompt This behavior can occur if any of the following conditions exist: The CD-ROM driver or Mscdex.exe file is disabled (commented) or missing from the Autoexec .SYS and AUTOEXEC What's the problem ? Maybe you're formatting a new drive, or maybe setting up a machine from scratch. Your Windows 95 is on CD but the drive has been formatted under .Guide: Install Windows without a CD-ROM or floppy drive. There are many times where I have run across a system (mainly laptops) that I need to install Windows XP or .COM from the root CD-ROM (Compact Disc, read-only-memory) is an adaptation of the CD that is designed to store computer data in the form of text and graphics, as well as hi .HAVING AN EXTERNAL USB cd-writer or hard disk works wonders as long as your operating system is in good shape. But if someday the system stops booting, you are lost.